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Quality English Courses (Accent, Speech, Grammar, Writing, Public Speaking, Confidence Building)
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About Me



Born in Manila in 1986, raised as a Catholic. Fluent in English and Filipino, I have 10 Solid years of experience in Teaching English as a second language and significant experience in Coaching, Training, and Quality Assurance in the Training industry. Knowledgeable in Microsoft and Linux applications, I have done textbook creation, speech development and presentation, specialized exam training, confidence building and team training, editing, and proofreading for students, teachers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, celebrities, politicians, and many other professions.


I specialize in training Business English, English Grammar, Pronunciation and Accent, and preparation for standardized tests like the TOEFL and IELTS. I love traveling, meeting and dealing with people, and new challenges. I embrace positive change and am used to working in a fast-paced environment.



I have 10 years of training and development experience in teaching and training English Grammar, Accent, and Proficiency. As I come across and train more and more clients, companies, professionals, and students, I learn more about teaching and learning styles, approaches, and strategies. I believe in the saying that "Learning never stops" and that "Nothing is ever too late." I have met and coached clients who are students willing to be better at a young age to business owners and company executives who believe that it’s not too late to learn and be better. With this in mind, I also impart this kind of knowledge and mindset to my clients –make them believe in themselves and push further to improve.





I offer grammar, writing, American accent, and speech and presentation courses to my clients. These courses are tailored to the specific needs of the clients/ companies.




In order to be able to give you an idea about the extent of my experience in teaching and training, here is a list of companies/ clients whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the past several years.






Personal training for clients from:




FWD Insurance




Philip Morris


Coca Cola






Driven Marketing


Chenvel Services Inc.


JP Morgan and Chase




Hypervolt Corporation


And many others.






Group/ Company trainings/ Team Buildings for:




Lemon Square/ Big E foods Corporation


Bettilane Advertising


Chynna Sales and Distribution Center


Hobbywing Solutions


PT International


Lucena City (Call Center Training for Quezon Province)


Intevalue Services Inc. (Company Team Building)



Connect with me directly through my mobile (09995993786) or through email (


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